Completion: A (Kinda) Return

Dear World,

Please Kill Me.

Okay, you got me. I’m still going (surprisingly vibrant) and awake. How have you all been?Good, I imagine, considering the undeserved lack of me (tisk, tisk). I AM THE TRUE LEADER OF GOTHAM. Okay let me explain. Gotham, Daredevil, Game of Thrones (sheets, not screens) and, oh, A TON OF WRITING!

Yea, so I’ve been working on the novel (In “The Dome” of course.) . I must admit that it’s coming along. A few less twists and turns; however, a more effective story. I may have pulled a 1408 (taken my own advice – So You Wanna Be A Writer ) , but that’s not the matter at hand.

Simple statement, I’m back. Ready to bestow damnation (not my first choice of metaphors) on the literary world, then subsequently diminish my own credibility on the blog.

But oh, my dear readers (the hypocrisy is the fun. Shan’t we have some?) in my self-made literary Utopia, we thrive.

Since you’ve brought it up, #Becoming Utopia, will be out this month. (BUY IT TO HELP PAY FOR AN ORPHAN. 25, #stillthough.) You will be helping a helpfully helpful cause. Mostly mine. (Seriously though, it is a good read).

Ah, have I yet enveloped enough into my own, hopeless wish and angst? Probably not, so I’ll keep rambling.

So much emotion, dwindling into my porous skin (have I impressed you with my vocabulary yet? No? That’s why you’re awesome!) that I may had become faint.

*Sidenote – for those who wish to know, I just read 50 Shades of Grey, and have gotten REALLY CONFIDENT!! (NOT IN SUCCESS. JUST IN CAPABILITY. (*Also, so wet right now*((Yes, I even intrude italics/)) Yes. Awkward.) #creepyface.

I must say, it feels good hosting you all again. So Good I may post this early. FUCK IT. ANTWAN’S BACK!!!!

Didn’t I just tell you?,

-Antwan Crump.

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