Sleep 5: May Day, Pay Day

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Oh yes ladies and gents from the afterlife, of post last night. (I’ll admit I’m a few beers in) DAYDRINKIN’!! I mean could you really blame me? It’s been a rough few (I’ve bitched enough, I’ll spare you the worn details).

So yesterday was the time to reap what I’ve sewn, until that (I hate to be this guy, but it’s oh too easy) “That moment when you bust your ass, and it has nothing to do with the check you got”. Damn. Though I must say it was a fun comparison to make once I calculated what I will be making next week (When I have returned to giving even less of a fuck).Also (very off topic, and out of character) I would like to thank EVERYONE who has been sticking it out with me this week through my experimental Sleep series.

At this point I can honestly say that it has been the best week that this site has had since inception -both in views and in reception. *takes sarcastic bow*, it’s been an honor and I am truly humbled.

*Cough. Put’s on Drake voice “Hottest week for my Blog, I’m like NIGGA WE MADE IT!!!”

*Steps off high horse*. In all seriousness thank you. You guys (and I guess gals) are awesome. Moving forward we’ve got one more of these left, and I really wouldn’t blame you if you if you said “fuck it” and gave up right now.

*whispers* Pssst.. Have they left? Good. Just for the ones who’ve stayed I’ve got a surprise for you.



I mean it’s the least I can do. (If your just getting here, I’m not even going to explain that joke, go back and read Sleep 1-4. )

So for me this day is much like the others (with the added bonus of some extra leaves in my pocket). The Podcast will be back up and running on Monday (for both of you who give a shit).

We’re progressing together, and I must say it’s a beautiful thing, getting this close to making you drink the Kool-aid. Charles Manson had the right concept, HORRIBLE execution. Or am I thinking about Marilyn. Ehh (90’s references.)

I guess that’s it. My brain is currently swimming in the libations of victory, so I’ll likely just touch myself and nap. You do you though, and be sure to check in on me tomorrow (Poppa worries). You know I was gonna go with “Momma worries” but Poppa seemed creepier, and thus that’s what I chose.

Building a Moment BEOTCH!!!!

-Antwan Crump.

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