Sleep 2: Burning the Candle

Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Good evening all you Democrats and sociopaths. (I’m not political at all don’t worry). So given that this week is going the way it is (read my post Sleep, if your curious). I’ve decided to try something a little different this week.

I was thinking to myself that the point of this all is supposed to be the Road to the Mastery of the Craft. Meanwhile I’ve been spending time on Top Tens, and arbitrary advice. I’ll still do that, it’s fun, and you all seem to enjoy it.

I do feel like once in a while though (especially for those who are cheering in the rafters) it’s good to show and not tell. Even though writing is technically telling, you know what I mean.

So anyway as follows my post from yesterday I’m still, on the balls of my ass tired (is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing). Once again not complaining, it happens, just giving detail.

Today, post work I literally caved, crashed, burned, slept, and finished nothing on the to do list. Not gonna lie it felt pretty good. So good in fact that I had toyed with the thought of just going the week that way. “Ah yes, to simply work than relax” I fantasized. ( My inside voice is British royalty).

Realistically though, it would be unwise and I’ll tell you why. Though taking a fiver from the responsibilities of the day seems appealing, it’s really a double edged sword. If you break your productive habits it’s almost like finding out Santa isn’t real. The magic just fades. Then you find yourself struggling to get your once daily goals accomplished. (Es no bueno)

Anyone committed to anything, tangible or not understands what it feels like to neglect it. It’s a guilt driven thing, but effective. Disregarding that would only prove as a detriment to your long term goals.

It was after thinking that, ( basically chastising myself), that I had thought, well that’s what this blog is. Everyday I have this militant ritual, that I can not break. Now, I’m not crazy. I know I could, but if I don’t, I can retain this tool that keeps me sharp, and focused, tired or not, I’m always me, and this provides both an outlet and motivator for my insanity and exhaustion (respectively).

So the double edged sword of victory?

I’ll try some of that.

With darkening circles around his balls,

Antwan Crump.


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