Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Okay, Okay I know that Mondays are usually my Podcast day, but due to some technical difficulties (namely my inability to fix my mic, it being Sunday, and honestly I don’t feel like it.), you guys have to put up with a generally unplanned post. Never fear I always have something to type about for some reason. It may be a condition. A condition called being AWESOME!

Moving on, so you guys ever have a problem taking control of your life. No, I don’t mean like “Put the pipe down Billy, your killing yourself!” no, not that kind of control. I’m referring to the kind of control that forces you out of your comfort zone, and into the ever elusive, minor achievements.

I mean we’re all friends here we can be honest with one another. Every one on this big blue marble flying through the universe can agree that at a certain point in adulthood we get into our comfortable routines.

These routines (though effective if you’ve managed to Jedi-mind trick yourself) can often lead to laziness, counter-productivity and basic failure to know when enough is enough with the #Netflixandchilling. (Talking to you Steve, seriously fuck that guy.)

Now this isn’t a post about breaking bad habits, this is more about gaining good ones. We all have goals and things we want to get done. Ex:”I’m gonna workout”, “I’m gonna eat better”, “I’m gonna rule Taiwan”, we’ve all had these thoughts right? But for some reason we can never muster the necessary motivation to actually get these things done.

It’s funny at first. You know, you make plans, you don’t do them, you laugh it off and think, there’s always tomorrow. The problem with tomorrow is and always will be that there’s another one coming. Which simply boils down to, you never getting it done. (For the laymen ” deadline go bye bye”

So the reason I’m calling this post CONTROL is mainly because I think I’ve cracked the code on how to kill procrastination, and begin to put thoughts into action. It’s a very simple thing actually, I’ve even abbreviated it. GTFUDI (pronunciation: geet-foo-dee).

Okay, I’m not saying that it’s perfect, actually on second thought it may even hypnotize people into getting food. But still I’m committed now, (my delete buttons broken).

It stands for GET THE F*^CK UP & DO IT!!!! For those of you double checking my spelling on that I refer you to the part above; where I lied about my delete button being broken. #CalmdownNazi.

To sum it up gently, and seriously I find that the best way to integrate new and better habits into your life is to simply do it while your thinking of it. Reminders don’t always work. And more often than not something will get in the way (Self-imposed or otherwise).

So you wanna get in shape, get out of bed and do some push ups. You want to eat better, go to the kitchen and prepare your next meal early, or even go out and buy healthy food, and only allow that for yourself. You want to save money, have your bank deduct it from your check, or if you are paid in cash take it out yourself and put it in an envelope that reads “Don’t make me be broke, because you are.” Mean but an effective reminder of the moment when you knew it was time to make a change.

The thing with action is that it is something that must be done, it can’t be postponed or manipulated. You either do it or don’t, the decision is the easy part, but it’s following through, that requires initiative. If you surround yourself with enough of that, it will become second nature, and future you will thank you. That my friends is control. *Oprah voice* “The power of now.”

Hypocritically Yours,

Antwan Crump

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