Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Hello you soon to be universally declared Irish. Anticipating St. Patty’s day? Yea me too. Before anything I promise there will be no out of place rant today, that was just something that was gnawing away at my frontal cortex, like crabs on pubic hair.

No, none of that today. I actually want to talk about health. For those of you pounding away at the keyboard, awaiting your shot at the Pulitzer, Peabody, or whatever, this is especially for you. Those just glued to the screen for hours a day can also sit in.(or for the militant of the bunch “As you were”.)

So we all agree that work is hard right? Of course we do, especially if you (like many other aspiring whatever’s), also carry the burden of a 9-5. Take no shame in it children, we all have to start somewhere and unfortunately dedication alone doesn’t pay the bills.

My point is, with everything going on internal and out it can be easy to forget about; what should be on the list of priorities at all times (Answer: your body). Yes this is one of those self help posts that you’ve heard before. I’m sure you don’t need to hear it (again) but there is nothing wrong with reiterating the important.

We’ve all seen the dedicated people. The ones who aren’t athletes those who toil away in makeshift prisons, doing their best to progress. A lot of them have something in common, the gut.

Oh yes. That wretched sign of a mind at work and a dormant body. Some of us (definitely me) tend to mentally warp that symbol, preferring to see it as a manifestation of our hard work. That sorry to say, is denial.

Truth be told, it can be hard to differentiate the two, especially if you aren’t looking to. But we are adults here, it’s imperative to remember that obesity (and it’s subsequent symptoms) es no bueno.(pssst.. For those who took Latin, that means not good. #youlearnedadeadlanguage?)

If that’s hard to wrap your mind around or assign importance to than think of it like this, how are you going to push your dreams forward: in the hospital, a diabetic comma, a state of depression (yes I’m counting that as a symptom), etc?

Now I’m not saying that you should run out this second and get a gym membership. I’m not even saying spend money (we don’t all have) on things we do not want. I’m just pointing out the fact, that it’s good to be aware of your physical condition.

What’s your diet like? Are you making time to walk (or run) everyday? Are you drinking enough water? Ask yourself these simple questions and see if there is anything you can do to be even just slightly healthier amidst your day to day objectives. (Maybe 3 burgers IS enough.)

Start simple. You don’t have to have to take it to Dwayne Johnson-esque levels -you’d be surprised at the clarity and motivation that can spring from physical health. Hell, you may even be struck with inspiration that assists your craft. Even a light diet and exercise regimen will do you some good. As a bonus, it can also help that whole issue you’re having “getting laid”. Just a thought.

On the treadmill,

Antwan Crump.


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