Poetry V. Prose: A Love Triangle

Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Happy Tuesday you Monday hating fat-cats. I’d first like to start off by apologizing to anyone who read “Swinging” and was at all surprised about the direction the story took. Look people first and foremost I am a writer, so I take joy in exploring the mind-sets, of the Um (no spoilers, no spoilers) other-ly minded. (Nailed it).

Despite the dark yet lighthearted nature of the tale I do hope that you all did thoroughly enjoy it. Okay now on to the main event, I promised a post and damn it, I’m gonna give you one. That being said.

Other than writing (mainly fiction, vaguely non-fiction, and this here blog) poetry has long been a secret passion of mine (much like Kanye and the whole fingers in his anus thing, *allegedly).

While in college many of my writing professors (namely Barnes) recommended that if I was “serious about writing I should embrace my inner sonneteer”, looking back, it may have been a pick up line, but I took the surface message from it.

Naturally I enrolled in a poetry course and slept through it (got an A though), I guess I was just more interested and better at giving than receiving ( a problem that plagues all to many relationships).

Moving on to present day, despite my hesitance about reading other authors works, I have found a few that I believe are actually pretty damned good, dare I say remarkable ( Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plalth, Hemingway, Robert Frost) to name a few. Clearly I had a type.

What surprised me even more however, was how reading these poets not only changed how I wrote my poetry, but also how I structured my prose.

Now I’m not saying I was prodigious nor horrible. In fact I thought, (and my reception cosigned) that I was pretty good. But poetry with it’s loose structure as well as it’s unique demand for pin point accuracy in vocabulary and format, made me view my prose quite differently.

Gone were the stiff moments between dialogue, and stale action. I now had this knowledge that could not only invigorate those moments, but make them strong points.

From that lesson, my goal was made clear. How do I combine the two forms into more complete versions of one another. Thus the Poetry V. Prose method was born.

With every new project be it one or the other, I try to infuse a bit of the each into it. I find that the main benefit of this is that I get to basically have a conversation with my self and my creative self (often aloud), reckoning these voices tends to give my writing the added bonus of filtering through two vastly different styles, doubling down on my Morgan Freeman-esque , literary voice. (Okay, okay, maybe more like Bobcat Goldthwait, but fuck you, it’s entertaining none the less.)

Point being I’d highly recommend trying this one out on your own, you may surprise yourself. Writers will most definitely find, their sentences more eloquent and alluring, while poets, may stumble into some poetic devices that they may not have been utilizing.

If you’re the kind of person that is solely dedicated to one art form, that’s fine (hope you finish your assignment before the teacher fails you), but if your interested in expanding your keyboard voice, even just as an experiment, it may bring you to love it. It’s a bit more laborious but so is anal, (AND KANYE LOVES ANAL! *allegedly*, even if that’s not true, Neil Patrick Harris does, and N.P.H. is damn near GOD!)

So bend over and type it. Let me know how it turns out, no need to record.

Let’s see, what else? Oh How’d you guys like the Podcast? If you haven’t heard it yet you can listen to it here: The Writer’s Block Podcast #1 I will re-iterate it’s a work in progress.

That’s it for now, check out the site tomorrow , where I’ll be doing the first of my Top 10 series. (Don’t worry, I’m obviously not re-hashing any common-place list, probably gonna do a things Kanye *doesn’t* put in his ass or something).


Long Live VODKAAAA!!!!!,

Antwan Crump

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