The Writer’s Block Podcast

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good Morning all of you Jews, Jesuits, and the remainder with less money and power, (just kidding of course, please don’t destroy my credit) . Hope you all had a fun and safe weekend, I’m actually newly over a hangover, though patiently anticipating the refreshing taste of vodka in the morning.

Figured I’d pop in for my daily insights. Uh, what was it…. Oh yea that’s right THE WRITER’S BLOCK PODCAST IS FINALLY HERE!!!! No SERIOUSLY!!!! Check it out The Writer’s Block Podcast #1. Yep, that’s right Jim Rummy, finally churned up the next step in this slow-moving but hilarious plan.

Hope you all enjoy, I look forward to your feedback. (*Btw be gentle its my first time), I expect the “fuck you’s” and “you sucks”, but for the 3 adults in attendance, constructive profanity is always welcome. Also I’m open to advice on topics, as well as ways to punish WeVideo for their nonsense product. (Also WeVideo I’m joking, please don’t delete my content). Any way that’s it til tomorrow.

Later Gaters,

Antwan Crump


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