Dear World

Please Kill Me,


Hello all those present on the Eve of cupids money-shot, hope you’re all in fine form and as fertile as a sperm bank.

Now that, that image is burned into your skulls I’d like to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself, being as its come to my attention that I have a few new followers, case seems like cause for explanation of my pretention.

My name is Antwan, I’m an aspiring writer from New York, with a not so present sense of decency, and a proneness to the profound opinion that comes with painstakingly creating (writing) , while attempting to break the binds of moderate success.

I smoke, I drink, I’m black, and probably a few other things your grandparents warned you about. With that being said I also happen to be college educated and classically trained in literary form and structure, though the blog may not always reflect that (it’s kind of my middle finger to the zytgeist). Thus why I titled this post exposition. If you don’t know what that means, YOU OWN SOMETHING WITH INTERNET (GOOGLE MAN! GOOGLE!)

Assholishness aside I do feel I have something to offer other than the occasional literary chuckle. I have finished a novel, (Becoming Utopia, due out in April) with a another on the way (Lotus) as well as being in the process of a collection of short stories ( yet to be titled) and a collection of poetry ( also Untitled #procrastination).

Any who the point of this blog, is not only to vent my random internal conversation, but also to keep you all informed of my progress on my (you guessed it) Road to the Mastery of the Craft.

Though you may not always agree with me ( I don’t do fan fare nor appeasement) I do invite you to join me on this path, if for no reason then to show that you (in whatever you’re aspiring to be or accomplish) are never going it alone. As well as expose the highs and lows of the processblock

*Side note, Podcast to come, look for the above picture*

We may laugh together, cry together, learn together, and hopefully learn from each other ( I encourage conversation).

So I suggest you hang on to your seats and pardon the sometimes vulgar expression, let’s have fun with this, and all be master’s.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Writer,

Antwan Crump.

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