Writing Prompts

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

My love of writing stems from my love of short stories. Expediency aside, they’ve helped me along the path—enduring rejections with the casual reassurance of “this next one will get em’.” As often as that has been true (or not), there’s something about the medium that can be useful and engaging in ways we may not expect.

Practical benefits aside, in my dire times, when ideas just wouldn’t come (and my core was sore from rocking in the fetal position) I turned to writing prompts. Admittedly, this took some time.

Once I learned to focus my mind (on something other than what was already there) I could see my own ideas more clearly. It’s kind of a “Where’s Waldo” effect. Things are easier to spot when you’re not really looking for them. Especially our own thoughts. It’s an odd trick of the mind. Also, not the point of this post.

Simply put, I owe a debt. I couldn’t think of too many better ways to repay that price, than by giving away a few prompts of my own. So, here you go. On the house. Take them. Write them. (Fondle them gently?)


  • Our hero is second in line for the throne. They’re visited by (a spirit?) that shows them their kingdom in ruins—[XXX] years from that date. What happens?
  • Someone wakes up to discover that everyone else on earth has shrunk by three feet. They’re now the tallest person alive, at 4’11’’. What happens?
  • A shadowy figure has been terrorizing the co-eds of a local college campus. It’s up to our protagonist (and their trusty sidekick?) to investigate. Things aren’t quite what they seem.
  • Two teens experience their first glimpses of adulthood. One of them is different.
  • An alleged “wolf-hound” has been attacking the livestock of a local farm. Down on their luck, our protagonist goes hunting for the beast, in hopes of collecting the $5,000 reward. It doesn’t go well.
  • The devil goes to therapy.
  • It’s 2166. The human race has integrated with artificial intelligence to create a “superior” neo-species. They’re starting to outnumber us. Our protagonist is a corrections officer at a human-only penitentiary—where repeat offenders are “deleted.” What happens?
  • The world has ended. Our protagonist searches the ruins for food, water, shelter, and survivors. They stumble upon a commune that appears unaffected by the apocalypse. What happens?
  • The love of our protag’s life has just gotten divorced. They thumb through dating-apps and finally find them. The only problem is, our protag’s love interest only has six months to live and is dwindling fast. What happens?
  • Two co-dependent siblings discover that they have superpowers, but only when they’re apart. One of them doesn’t take the news so well.


Feel free to link your stories when you’re done.

*bows gracefully*

*passes gas*

*walks away in shame*

 Right on. Write on,

 – Antwan Crump

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