Minding the Gap

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

I don’t think much about the future. Aside from being well past the illusion of control, it just seems like a general waste of my time. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the idea is universally applicable. However, everyone could benefit from a little “give no Fuchs” at the end of the day. Despite my own philosophy, I understand the counter-argument. It’s practical to fret your legacy.

If you’re anywhere north of 25 (specifically, a millennial) you’ve probably noticed the divide amongst your social groups.

On one hand, you have the over-achievers. These aren’t inherently motivated folk (though they can be). Rather, this is the group that blazes the trail: marriage, kids, house, crocs, etc. As the first ‘out the gate’, they set the tone for what many others (who haven’t achieved ‘it’ yet) will aspire to.

The other extreme is the do-nothings. Despite popular misconceptions, these people aren’t inherently lazy, unmotivated, or idiotic (though they can be). These are the ‘late-bloomers’–relative to what they feel they should have accomplished.

As a member of the latter group, I understand how easy it can be to fall prey to the idea that we’re somehow not enough. I’d posit that all of us would go back in time and do things a bit differently—if we could.

Imagine that stock-broker buddy of yours, who got the house, the car, the family (while you were undoubtedly on the couch covered in cheese). Yeah, that guy wanted to be a racecar driver. Or the popular girl from high school who found her way to Hollywood? I bet you she’d make a few different decisions as well.

My point is, despite how glamorous the other side may seem, there’s always something that we forgot. Something we’ve missed. Somethings that we can’t have and (#Spoiler) some things we never will. Don’t let that dissuade you. It’s irrelevant.

The question that we should be asking ourselves is not about where we ‘should’ be. It’s about where we are, relative to where we would like to be. Life is an exploratory endeavor. Not solely a glorified game of “Marital Monopoly,” “Capital Courtship,” or “Comparative Consummation” (#Giggity).

Mind the gap, but be wary of its pull. More often than not, the things that we desire become objects of our discontent and the focus of our fury. Even still, who would you like to be when that day finally comes and you summit the stars? You as you were or YOU as you can be? Better. Experienced. Grateful.

Life has no gaps. Only what’s been done. And what has not.

Stop fretting and DO.


Until Next Time,

Antwan Crump

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