Open Field: Time, Balance, and Hummels

*Warning: Free Thought*

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Time is an odd concept, isn’t it?

As it pertains to our sector of humanity–the creatives–time is likely the only contributing factor to our work (other than the eschewed unique perception that its ultimately translated from). In the end, we operate on a ticking clock–just like the societal constructs that we predictably despise.

The question then becomes one of priority.

If you’re like me then the chances are that you’ve got a host of good ideas, ripe for the picking (and seductively luring your lustful gaze #SafeWord #Pineapples). From that point forward, the following actions seem simple enough. We pick one. We do it. We move on.



This is where time becomes a bit of a d!ck.

Let’s assume that your career is going well (good/not great). You’ve managed to stabilize an income (via commissioned work, a stroke of luck, or human sacrifice) and everything seems to be falling into place. But, there’s a catch.

Maybe the industry takes a dip.

Maybe your commissioned (/freelance) work pays the bills, but doesn’t scratch your particular creative itch.

Maybe a mongoose…..

One sec.

*clears throat*

*dons Australian accent*

*prays to Steve Irwin*

“Maybe a mongoose up and took your baby!”

#LongWay #BadJoke #WorthIt

Moving on…

Whatever the case may be, the fact of the matter is that things get in the way and (sometimes) it’s just not in the cards for you to complete your project of choice (or at the very least, you can’t dedicate the time to it that it deserves).

We begin to prioritize. Generally, that looks like this. (Top 5)

1.) What feeds me/Clothes me/Pays my bills?

2.) What makes them happy? (Audience/Clients/Buyers (and what have you).

3.) What makes me happy.

4.) Neil Patrick Harris’ happiness.

5.) Megyn Kelly (*Note: I don’t care about her happiness. She just reminds me of a hummel and that makes me smile…For that, she deserves immortality.).


Related image   

…good luck trying not to think about that.

#HummelHoe #MeNotHer #UnlessSheLikesHummelsToo 


*Note: She defended wearing black-face so I can make fun of her. (I don’t really care, but I will pretend to if you bother me about it).*

Isn’t that how society works now?

Also, #SnappleFact: Did you know that Hummels are German?

*Hallo meine deutschen Freunde. Entschuldigung wegen der ganzen Trumpsache*

Anyway, my point is that our necessities normally top the list and everything else is kind of left to sink in this draining abyss with Megyn Kelly’s cold stare and Hummel-figurine level of beauty.

*scratches head*

*moves away from keyboard*

*has epiphany*

“I might be in love with Megyn Kelly.”

*changes topic*

The issue then becomes how to decide. If not that, then how do we proceed?

Sure, I can give you the whole song and dance of: “Just free your mind and organize your life…”

But, I’m not into musicals.

…or lies.

The truth of the matter is that we have what we MUST do and what we would LIKE to do. Now, there are plenty of varying versions that this concept supports–more than likely, yours fits into it as well.

The key/answer/sacred text/Infinity Stone lies in sacrifice.

Whatever dwells in your list of priorities is superfluous by nature. Simply put, time doesn’t necessarily allow or disallow anything or any moment. It can deny you a moment (by killing you) but the rest of it is kind of an open field.

No one has the solution but, might I suggest (if you have the ability) reshaping your day and your understanding of time in a way that will support both your necessities as well as your list of desires. Act upon them swiftly and forthrightly.

If it comes down to choice: Always choose what means most to you.

Because when Time says, “You’re done,” you REALLY F@CKIN’ ARE.

Be wary though, this comes at a cost.

Whether it’s friends, family, sleep, food, hygiene, (staring blankly into your neighbor’s window), etc, Time is like a debtor who WILL BE PAID.

Our only real choice is what currency we use. That currency is our list of priorities and the sacrifice therein.

We may not be able to conquer Time, but WE CAN bribe it.

Again, at a cost.


Enjoy Your Weekend,

-Antwan Crump.

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