Showing Up

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

There’s something about us (Yes, US!!!! Student loan debt and all #DebtGoals) that keeps us going as a species. No, not the human race (#YouFool),  but US as CREATIVES. (Yes, even YOU with the bucket full of fecal matter and the inconceivably white canvas). Something that makes us…different.

I mean…Think about it.

Go on…

Think about what it is that we do (though, not too hard because I’m about to tell you).

We’re drawn into this fabric of chaos and as a response (through some theorized #HumanCentipede like process) we create and build some truly remarkable things (…All the while suffering from some of the worst cases of imposter syndrome since Simba dropped acid in the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa. #Darktimes #NeverForget #HakunaMatata).

Basically, my point is that we ingest life for what it is and spew out an interpretation that can inspire, bewilder, and (if you’re doing it right) even shift the tides of the world at large.

It’s no small task and few of us take to it lightly. It’s a daunting, terrifying, unlikely, and (at times) treacherous gamble.

Yet, in spite of the risk, with every new generation more of us seem to be standing up to the nonsense we see and saying “Hmm…Let’s throw dragons on that!” (#OrSomething).

Now, no matter who you are, you’ve got to respect the level of narcissistic observation there…(And dragons, because…Well, DRAGONS ARE AWESOME #Indisputable).

But what makes us truly special is that most of us didn’t choose this path, nor did the path choose us (go ahead and throw out your astrology chart), rather–we’ve been fortunate enough to live lives that run in tandem with the medium and therefore with the grand scheme of existence.

This little-nuanced detail is what separates us from those who’d find our contribution the most useful: Readers, Listeners, Oglers, Philosophers, The Franco Brothers, Broken Poets, A Tin Can, Rin-Tin-Tin, The cast of Le’ Mis, (wait…what was I listing again?…)

*scratches head*

*scratches other places*

*looks at note sheet*

“Oh! That’s right!”

As society shifts and changes (most times embattled with itself) we coalesce, congeal and coexist with it–often times to create something greater than the sum of its parts. We take the otherwise unseen, unnoticed, and/or unreported and turn it into a digestible translation to be studied, admired, (fondled gently?), etc.

We thrive on the vast wasteland of information and produce a highlight reel of self-expression.

It’s a job.

Most people hate jobs.

But, we’re not most people. Are we?

No, we’re a different breed of sorts. The kind of breed that when broken down into its finer elements is downright insane. Yet and still, we persist. We move. We grow. (We flush twice because we’re classy?) And most importantly, we innovate.

Through that innovation, we are able to find the kernels of truth that evade the everyday Neandethal. We spread the truth in the most effective way that we know how and then, we dig deeper–until we’ve gone so deep that we’re answering questions that no one had even thought to ask.

We report it anyway.

Because that’s our job. This is our passion. THIS is what we were meant to do!

So, this Monday (or any day really), if you find yourself in a moment of doubt, remember that this isn’t up to you. Your ability to contribute and your obligation to produce has all already been laid out in front of JUST YOU.

You are the only one who can walk that route. You’re the only person that knows the direction. You’re the only person that can say when it’s done. Remember that.

Remember that no matter how hard things seem or how dark things may get, all that you’ve got to do is show up.

It’s that simple if you allow it to be.


Drop-Kick Your Monday,

–Antwan Crump.


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Welcome to the world of the macabre. In this long-awaited anthology, we delve into the dark nuances of the human spirit. From the apocalypse to murder and brutal realities we remorselessly explore them all, in search of the truths that evil holds. Can you face the darkest corners of your psyche or will you cower back to your fairytales and superhero mythologies? When you tire of the lies—we’ll be waiting for you here…in the dark.

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