Some Stuff I Should’ve Kept Quiet

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Thursday my creatively affluent lot of miscreants, (that sounds like an insult, but I assure you it’s not), how the hell are ya?

Well, it’s another day in the writer’s Thunderdome and, of course, ol’ Antwan is in the thick of chugging his own artistic juices, (#80Proof). All in all, there’s nothing much to report, so I’ll just do some shameless advertisement.


This little chestnut had been brewing in the back of my mind for (Oh, I don’t know EVER!!!!). Through several loosely connected stories: A troubled Floridian youth, An aged jazz musician (and lover of heroin), a man eulogizing his father, and of course a domestic dispute–this is essentially my love letter to all things that have helped to mold me into the sociopath that you know and love today. Maybe not in actions, but in thought. It’s got a couple of good reviews. (A literal couple #StrugglingArtist #SoWhat #FightMe!) I hope that you check it out and enjoy it, (Or just spring the 99¢ to help me pay for coffee and the other things that I use to numb myself #IPromiseIt’sNotHeroin).

*stares at arm*

*avoids scratching itch*


LIKE PODCASTS???!!!! OF COURSE, YOU DO, YOU AUDITORY FIEND!!!!!!! Well, I’ve got some good news!!!!! I‘VE GOT ONE!!!!! Welcome to: The Writer’s Block Podcast!!!!!

For those who don’t know (and I apologize in advance for those who do) this little puppy is my authorial guilty pleasure. Every once in a while, I free myself from the confines of the bat-cave and swing over to a microphone (where I can incriminate myself further). To simplify, this is where all my naughty thoughts go (at least the ones that I can’t make into a story or a blog post). SO ENJOY!!! I’ll let you know now, that it’s certainly NSFW (and has nothing to do with writing), but if you can get a moment away, it’s a hell of a time! (Oh, yea…IT’S FREE!!!!!! So, there’s that incentive.)

What else.

What else.

What else.

I don’t know, I’m hopped up on coffee (and heroin?). Anywazzle, I’m back to work (for you all). I’ll let you know if I run for president or anything. Keep an eye out for RED MATTER: A Collection of Things- in the coming weeks, (To answer your questions 1.) Yes, it’s a spiritual sequel to Tourmaline. 2.) No, it’s an entirely different thing).

And with that. Toodles EVERYBODY!

I’m gonna go run naked through the neighbors’ yard (they like that sort of thing).


Crush Your Thursday,

–Antwan Crump.

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