You’re Welcome

You’re Welcome

By: Antwan Crump


Have we lost enough yet?

Have the selfie filled recesses of everyone’s mind

been adequately judged,

in the form of a thumbs up or a like?


Have the missiles flown “high and mighty”-

close enough to your little bubble

that you fell; compelled to Snapchat your reaction?

Flash before the blast?


I’m not quite sure what emoji is appropriate

for the damnation of both nations

in the midst of revolt.

Such self-deprecation claiming-



As mobs form in countless masses,

one by one defending rights,

never truly appreciated.


So over-educated,

without means to do much with it.


Can we please pause to assess our progress?


Or, lack thereof.


How many tongue-in-cheek heroes,

Must we support to prove a point?


For that matter, what matters?

The body count isn’t counted.

The world is unfounded.

The Meek -who inherit

the planet -inherently vanished.



Stuck in our vanity

Rumors apparently.

Humbled by mumbles

of booming insanity.


Laying in hatred

It looms like a canopy.


Full of

My fooling

My failures

My woman

My country

My money

My car

And my jewelry!


My porn!


Have we lost enough yet?

Have the crippled cries

of passive aggression

convinced you to take another look?


In either case,


You’re Welcome.


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