Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings my hyperbolic henchmen of hedonism. How are you? Should you have been caught in the metaphorical web of lies – then CONGRATULATIONS on your novel idea, (or the heavy dose of psychedelics you’ve voluntarily consumed).

Failing any vortex of needless detail, (and melting walls) – it’s good to have you back for another round of chit-chat from your favorite bad influence, (semi-conscious or otherwise).

Let’s begin,

Pockets, (otherwise known as – the only reason why pants have been able to continue their reign of terror. #OneDayTheyWillFall #StrangeVisual #WorldWarJeans).

So, I’ve been doing some thinking, (as I often do, while completing my morning ritual, of burning a copy of #Twilight), about how to categorize the good ideas, bad ideas, great ideas, (the HOLY S#!T! Why the hell did I write that??? Ideas), etc.

Because I tend to be an over-curious fellow, I decided to do some delving into my catalog of collected unmentionables, and see what I could come up with. After hitting myself over the head, (for such bad ideas as #CoffeeMonster and #TheWarOnSlugs), I began to see a pattern that actually surprised me. I didn’t really hate them. They were just stuck out of time.

We tell ourselves things like “the sky is the limit”, ” there can be no wrong”, (and “who shat my pants?” #ThePantsWillStrikeFirst). Though those affirmations can be true at times, the concentrated fact is that we are limited, just not in the same way as most others.

As creatives, (in whatever medium floats your subsequent boat), we are limited by our own minds. Because of that, our ideas, no matter how outlandish or far-off thrive when we complete them, (at least enough), in the pocket of time close to when they were discovered.

Allow me to elaborate. Have you ever had an idea that was just too hot to handle fabulous, or seemed to pierce through every other thought and surface as the victor? I bet you have. Similarly, I bet you’ve also lost that idea a couple of times. Even if you later remembered it, it just wasn’t quite what you may have envisioned it to be. Sound familiar?

This happens through no fault of our own. I believe that ideas exist in small pockets of time. Which means that we, (as creative sorcerers), have that little window of opportunity to reach into that world, and grab the idea before it gets too far away from us, for us to catch it. Make sense? (I think they may be more confused).

*Treat ideas, like living breathing things. They are all born and die in front of us. But, if we take the time to make contact with them – we can prolong their existence.*

Which means that bad ideas were almost good, and the good ideas had a chance to get on the boat. This is where “there are no bad ideas” comes from. Originally it may have been GREAT, but -as some ideas do- they get away from us, and leave us lost and befuddled upon our attempt to recreate them.

*Great works, as great ideas – exist in pockets of time. Be prepared to capture them at every moment. And be weary of chasing what has gotten too far away for you to grasp.*

Besides, there’s always a chance that you will come into contact with the idea again, and be fit enough to hold on to it. (Don’t believe me, Google Stephen King’s Gunslinger, and dive into that decade’s long game of cat and mouse).

Think of it like #PokeMonGo, but for creatives, (#MopeyMonGo?),

Just a thought.

Alright my choir of the discontented, “I RELEASE YOU!”. I’ll be back tomorrow for some more opinionated rhetoric, (#AndThePantsRevolution).

Beat Up Your Tuesday,

-Antwan Crump.

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