Sweet Spot

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Friday, my library-dwelling legislators. How goes it? Should the dentist have pulled that final rotting tooth, then you’ve got nothing less than some good medication, and time to kill, (and/or more sweets, because #YouDon’tListen).

Failing any other physical addictions, let’s indulge in some writerly ones.

Sweet Spot, (otherwise known as – how Willy Wonka refers to his favorite appendage. #SugarDaddy #TheRealGoldenTicket).


For those of you following my near-daily updates on my literary psychoses – you know that after a few days of writer’s block, (yes, I’ve accepted that’s what it was) – I’ve been pretty much typing like the wind, for various contests, publications, (reasons why #IronFist sucks), and basically -whatever I can get my grubby little author fingers on.

This – though parallel to the path of burnout- is what is commonly referred to as, the Sweet Spot; a steady period heightened productivity, (think of it as the authorial version of when the Hulk, is actually being helpful in the Avengers films, #Useful but #PlayingWithFire).

Being aware of this, I’ve taken certain precautions to prevent what, (to the uninformed), may lead to -yet another- lapse in productivity. This includes setting start/end times, keeping a semblance of structure, #OutoftheChair, (singing Drake’s new album out loud to terrified neighbors), and of course making sure that I don’t throw too many other of my writing duties out of the window in favor of the new “great“, idea.

This momentum -if managed correctly- can be an absolute turning point for you as a writer. It can facilitate completion, instill confidence, and open you up to exposure that you otherwise may not have seen as an option. It is, by most accounts, a good thing.

However, like any bit of writer’s block, I know that this time is temporary. Eventually, the day will come where I lose the green skin, (and ridiculously proportioned index muscles), and return to normal levels of productivity.

Yea, it kind of sucks that maintaining this level of productivity is near impossible, (without copious amounts of, amphetamines, *coffee), but similar to the drug from the movie Limitless – there are ways to ensure that when this stage is complete, there will be something that remains.

*Disclaimer: I’m not saying that you have to do this, but it worked for me, (so #TryBeforeYouKnockIt)*

The plan is this. During the interim of my head-spinning slew of first drafts, whenever I am not in the midst of a project – I take notes.

It could be a fleeting thought, a simple idea, a premise, a character, or whatever. If it intrigues me for even a moment – it makes the pocket-pad, (also, you should probably invest in a little pocket notebook #IfYouHaven’tAlready).

What this does, is store the idea in my subconscious, as well as somewhere tangible for future use. When we do this for ourselves, (and are faced with the damnation of a slowed momentum), this little book will provide access to a story, that we may have forgotten was there, (but has been gestating inside us all along #Alien #LoveStory?), thereby giving us something to funnel whatever remains of our momentum into – (that is until, of course, the muses return to blow gently into your ear).

This may not deliver you your magnum opus, but it WILL keep you writing in the mean time.

And that’s just sweet. Just like…..Hmmm, I can’t seem to think of the word (#Taffy?).

Anyway my fellow crazies, I hope that this was helpful and as always it’s been a pleasure. I’ll be back on Monday, for more cryptic knowledge with a childlike wonder.

Enjoy Your Weekend,

-Antwan Crump.


P.S. CANDY!!!!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Spot

  1. That scene has always made me feel clostraphobic, but to be suppressed in chocolate may make it more bareable.

    I really like your blog and I’m very eager to hear what you think of my writing. Would love some of your feedback. Check them out at my blog Gastradamus

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