Finding Inspiration

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and welcome back to the beginning of the week, my tireless writers of eternity. How goes it? Should the sun once again set on your craft, as you anxiously await the movie deal – then KEEP WRITING, it only gets harder, until it’s over,

*Martha Stewart voice* – “It’s a good thing”.


Finding Inspiration, (otherwise known as, the epic stalled hero that Gotham needs, ((though not the one that we deserve)), #IsThatTooOldAReference? #WhoCares  #BatmanRocks).

Well, boys and girls, that time has come around again. The reliably annoying burnout. Keep in mind, (as far as I know anyway), this isn’t a creative drought. As a matter of fact, I find that once I can get my mind focused for enough consecutive seconds, the words flow pretty freely, albeit – to my own standard- they’ve felt a bit #Substandard. 

Because of this, I’ve found myself in the damned artistic rut -refraining from new stories, and instead focusing on blog posts, and editing stilted material. (Speaking of which – Check out – Bobby’s Inferno. #SelfPlug #BestPlug.)

Usually, when something like this comes along, my go-to solution is, “write your way out”– however, this circumstance has proven itself a matter of creative deficiency, rather than lack of will. That being so, (this time anyway), I’m in need of some metaphorical water, to runneth over my hypothetical cup, to fill this literal need.

The go to’s seem pretty obvious. Read something old. Read something new. Walk around. Run around. Do something exciting. (Blah, blah, blah ditty-freakin’- blah). Long story short, nothing worked, (and now I’ve vastly depleted my supply of blah’s).

So the next plan became, to rest. Allow me to take the stand first, and announce,

“I’m a struggling writer! I’ve no time for breaks, in this fast paced world of literary wit and woe!”

*see’s writer’s block upon the horizon*

*realizes consequences of forced writing*

*backs away from keyboard for 24 hours*

Let’s just say, I’ve dealt with that semi-ultimatum thusly – I came, I left, returned the same, (#NoRefunds).

And, now back to square one – where anything of an authorial nature, other than my blog posts, seems just out of reach, (and waving at me, with the #BadFinger).

It’s been about 48 hours now, and rather than freak out, skip a day, or write some forced post about something abstract – *I want to try a little something different.

“Calling all writer’s! Can you help an author out!?”

That’s right folks, ol’ Antwan has thrown in the towel of self-reliance,(and bits of his ego), to ask you for some advice, (I mean,  I’ve done a few hundred of these – so you at least owe me a “You’ll be alright, buddy”, or a cookie. #Chip’sAhoy).

So: What do you do when you’ve hit a creative wall?

       How/Where, do you find your inspiration?

      What do you do to rekindle your ambition?

     (What color underwear are you wearing?)

All thoroughly thought out and intricately complex questions. Your’s for the asking, to ….well, answer. (#EvenTheUnderwearOne).

Feel free to leave your advice in the comment section below, (so that everyone can get a bit of your Yoda-like genius). And also, thanks in advance for taking the time to help.

That’s about all the scoops in the pudding bowl for today. Thanks for stopping by, and as always- I’ll be back, (before the End Times), for yet another coffee stained chit-chat.

Start the Week Strong,

-Antwan Crump.

3 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. So: What do you do when you’ve hit a creative wall?

    I usually huddle down and try to act like it never happened. Those three to four days never happened. Erased. Just pretend. Lala la. Not happening.

    How/Where, do you find your inspiration?

    Sometimes I hear cartoons in the background or snatches of conversations of people walking past my porch or commandeered coffee stoop. I steal their conversations. Use it as a sentence of dialogue and see if a story falls out of there. I literally write whatever my next thought is.

    What do you do to rekindle your ambition?
    Sometimes I sit with about eight to twelve books around me. Various, extremely. From fiction to yoga manuals, in-between. I spread them out and pick each one up, randomly turn to a page and find a phrase. Sometimes it makes an idea. Or I just read for awhile.

    (What color underwear are you wearing?)–
    teal. with little silver strings at the hips

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    1. Very solid advice. I’ve actually tried that, once you suggested it. I got some lovely little tidbits from the neighbors, (as I peered creepily over their fence). They were puzzle pieces at first, but once I got the ball rolling, it definitely helped me maintain the momentum. Thanks for the suggestions. You’ve become quite the staple on my likes list. I hope that I continue to provide you with – whatever the hell it is that I do here. Keep coming back!

      P.S. – #Silver….NICE!

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