Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good evening, and happy Thursday -my prodigious scribes of lore. How goes the time between wake and slumber? Should the teleporter be functional – I should be giving you a personal high five……. Now!

“Damn it!”

*kicks machine*

*stubs toe*

*single tear*

Well, while I disassemble this contraption, (and attempt to sell the parts on eBay), how’s about another round of rambling from Sir-Tips-A-Lot, (patent pending).

Reasons, (Sister of logic. Brother of raisans.) Wait…WHAT!? (#MINDBLOWN!)

So, as of late, I’ve been on a bit of an inspiration kick, (perspiration?). This of course, led me to YouTube, and before I knew it, I was down the near eternal rabbit hole of random folk tossing around their keys to success, (followed shortly by them asking for a ride home #HopefulVibes).

Now, I’m not one to get down on these kinds of people, ( Yes, I am) – but what struck me as odd is that they have a ton of “how-to’s”, “what-nots”, (tater-tots?), and a bunch of other ( what I assume are) relatively good tips – but never a reason, (at least none beyond the standard “Because I am AWESOME!”- ringer-mor-all (#NewWord, #MeansNothing, #ThinkAboutIt).

That’s all good and well, but we’re artists. And accompanied with our understanding of self and universe – the whole egotistical stance is a tad too on the nose for us. Simply put, we need something bigger than us, to drive us -especially because -well what we create will inevitably be bigger than us – even if we only touch one person. (#NotLikeThat).

You may disagree- but here’s my take on it.

-The reason behind action – often equates to the final result.

So if you’re doing something for self, chances are, that’s about the extent of people that will get something genuinely good and meaningful out of it.

As artists, our jobs are intrinsically more complex – so we’ve got to dig a little deeper than “Because I wanna a nice car”.

I won’t tell you all what your reason(s) should be, in all honesty – it isn’t my place to, (besides it would basically just comprise of me blowing fairy dust directly into your eyes) and I’m a lot of things – but I make a point to ensure a bullsh-tter isn’t one of them. (At least, when I’m sober).

Instead, I’ll just tell you one of my core reasons, (but don’t tell anyone #PinkySwear) – I believe that there is an inevitable good that comes from sharing thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Though simple conversation -(mostly with strangers) – does at times suffice- there is something about the creative field that seems , all together: more effective, more honest, and most potent.

My Reason, is that there are lessons to be learned, knowledge to be shared, and beauty to be unearthed. Writing gives me that. Writers share that with me. And I can only hope that I too reciprocate that gift. (#LiteraryTransfusion).

So, that’s my reason. Find yours, love yours, and hold on to it tightly- in your times of grandeur, reprieve, and castigation, (#GoogleIt).

Alright team, that’s the best it’s gonna get today- I’ll see you all tomorrow, for something in digital print.

End The Week Strong,

-Antwan Crump.

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Thanks Everyone.


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