Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Tuesday my maligned maestros of magic – how goes the week thus far? If all has gone as the ancient scrolls have predicted – then the coming solar eclipse is upon us (has anyone seen it? #DontLookAtAnEclipse). In any case it’s good to have you back for another installment of Antwan Says the Darnedest Things (it’s fine to hijack that title right?) – any who , let’s get to it –

Relapse ( commonly remembered as the rebirth of a good time (followed by epic amounts of sadness)).

As writers we tend to go through cycles. Sometimes we write heavily, other times not, (and other times still we run naked through traffic hoping to get a story out of it #HumanSpeedBump) – either way – my point is that it isn’t uncommon for us to be a bit eclectic with the density and consistency of which we write.

The thing that I’d like to talk about however, has to do with when we stop writing all together -or otherwise Relapse- back into the normalized status quo that our creative selves simply don’t belong in.

Sure, I get that you can’t completely abscond from your responsibilities, and obviously speaking – we can’t (you know unless your half yeti or something)- but what we should learn to do is give ourselves time to focus on our craft -not just when we feel like it- but every single day. A day without writing and improving on your craft is taking the unnecessary risk of similarly stagnating the next day, and the next day, and the (they get it, move on).

I’ve actually learned a little trick, for days like the ones that I’ve described above – when the temptation of normalcy (#patentpending) – attempts to surface (from the depths , where it lays beside Cthulhu #HPLovecraftAnyone? ). That technique is simple, practical, (vanilla flavored?) – and it is the act of cognitive reformation (Google it)

Sidenote: Cognitive Reformation is the act of redefining an aspect of your thinking (or a thought…pick what applies) – in a way that becomes conducive to your progress. (Or whatever the dictionary says…but, it’s essentially that).

By taking the idea of : a day off, or a break day, or “too busy to write” and associating with an ostensibly negative word or connotation such as , well…Relapse,  we effectively change the way that we view those lazy moments, as well as (if we do it long enough) the way that our subconscious deals with (for lack of better words) creative constipation, laziness, and -if unattended to – the inevitable relapse into normalcy.

Remember, you can always play around with how you apply the information. Personally I believe that the idea is sound, but the actual action is meant to be experimented with, and deviated from – so don’t feel too obligated to run strictly by the book- as long as you can use the message.

Alright my arthritic champions, that’s all the news from the thunder dome today. I’ll be back -prior to the new millennium-  for more keyboard strokes that you can’t hear.

Happy Writing,

-Antwan Crump.

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