Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy Thursday my war-torn visionaries of better times to come -(does anyone really miss the alliteration?). Well, team we made it through most of the week – even though they said you couldn’t do it (if no one did then pretend that it was me. #Antagonist). With that, let me give you a little something to think about, (as you wander about town thinking about your Friday nightcap).

Vision, (otherwise known as- that thing that Ray Charles had better than us for some reason).

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as of late, (or, as always depending on the consistency that you read my site) – much of it involved the destination of most writers. Sure, you have your success stories, you have your burnouts, (you have that English teacher that SWEARS he’s the Shakespeare of our time), etc. This led me to question the why of what we do – not just writers, but creatives in general. What is the purpose of it; when it appears that more often than not, we are met with a shut door (and locked windows) for some? In the end of my pondering, the reason was satisfaction.

The difference that I found, between the ones who are satisfied with their work (celebrity or mechanic) and those who tend to devolve into the “so-called” withered and bitter writer (or insert creative identity here)  was whether or not that person achieved the heights of the vision that they had set for themselves.

It took me a bit of growing up to concede to the thing that I’m about to tell you (and a few days of sobriety #WorkingOn30) – but not everyone has that free spirit way about them. Simply put, I and a handful of others – probably even a lot of you- find satisfaction in being able to do the thing that we love doing. We love it enough not to give it a ceiling, (instead I look at the floor that I started on; amazed at how high off the ground that I’d gotten) – however, realistically speaking, some people need a grading system in place to monitor their progress (lest they become that delusional English teacher that I was telling you about earlier).

For you all, who don’t partake in the free spirit route – here’s a tip- have a vision. I know, I know – it seems easy enough, but you may be amazed to find how many of us need a finish line to run toward; a meter for success -if you will (and bragging rights).

There’s nothing wrong with that either. It doesn’t make you any more or less of anything, it just means that your wired differently. Think #Android and recent #iPhone(s), (we’ll leave the #Samsung phones out of this..For obvious reasons. But let’s just say that they’re the delusional non-writer of this analogy. #Kablooey).

Find what means something to you. Find that goal that you absolutely MUST hit. Make it unreachable (F–K that… MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE!!!!). Scream it from the tops of mountains, peaks, valleys, (in strangers faces?) – and commit yourself to chasing that goal. Never mind hitting it, never mind surpassing it, forget falling beneath it – JUST CHASE IT!

*overenthusiastic reader*

“Like a lion in heat!”

Uhhh…. Anyway,

As intangible as that may seem, embrace it. The worst that could happen, is that you get just a little closer to it every day. #Vision, it’s not just for the Avengers – you deserve one to. Just some food for thought.

Now get to work.

Go Judo-Chop Your Thursday,

-Antwan Crump.

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