Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, my nocturnally challenged dictators of type (my alliteration has failed me #Tears #SadPuppy). As per my usual pandering, I hope that all of you are well and have returned to me clothed and well fed (or you know, at least well enough to click and scroll). In any case, welcome. With that said, let’s get to it.

Night-Writer’s (otherwise known as – the least threatening group name, with the word night in the title).

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, (or as usual, because I have an embarrassing amount of free time) – in this well of deep (and often pretentious) thought I realized that I quite enjoy writing at night (that being between about 1 and 7 in the morning). Why, you ask, (you didn’t) – I’m not quite sure.

What I have theorized however, is that the nighttime has a different feel from the hustle and bustle of the mornings, late afternoons, and everything in between. Now, I know that I’m not necessarily “discovering fire” here – but after a few years of the same effective approach to writing – I feel like it may be something worth addressing.

(Also, just so you know that I’m not pulling this entirely out of my ass – here’s a cool article written by some people who actually took the time to do the scientific research –

Nifty little article.

I find that my best (best of course meaning – least edited) writing happens within about the same time frames discussed in the piece.Oddly enough, (especially after reading this), I realized that those times also happen to be when I’m at my peak level of loopy, drowsy, silly, (drunk?), or any of the other words that could have been a dwarf in Snow White.

What I’m getting at here is – should you be having some trouble manifesting an idea, continuing an “out there” story line, (tying your shoes under water #HarderThanYouThink) – then maybe this approach could help alleviate some of your creative constipation. (Yes, I made that up – #PatentPending).

When we write at night – and most people are asleep- (except of course -Donald Trump- because he’s too busy grabbing America by the pu–y to get a good nap in) – our mind is freed into a calmer spectrum of being (I know, that sounds SUPER hipstery – but stay with me) – with less going on, less energies bouncing around, and less worries to ponder – we are given an opportunity to drift – as artists- we know that within these drifts often lay the keys to unlocking the untapped potential that is so consistently bogged down by …well let’s say stress, (but we all know that I mean annoying people and things).

*stares angrily at dog*

*dog licks face*

*remembers he likes dogs*

In any case it’s worth a shot. The most you have to lose is a good nights sleep (or ya’ know… your sanity… #WorthTheGamble) – but just remember that the potential to gain is often exponentially greater than a couple of sleepy days. At the very least – it’s worth trying.

Alright friends, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Also, I apologize for the posts being a little sporadic this week, (it’s been one of those *stereotypical voice* “Oh no you didn’t” – kind of weeks)  – I’m gonna’ sip some tea (vodka), take a long nap (pace anxiously around the room), and be back on Monday for some more text via technology (okay, that part’s true).

Until next time –

To All A Good Night,

-Antwan Crump.

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