Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Monday my delightfully delirious dictators of fiction. How was your weekend?  If all went well- then congratulations, (you probably still have money) – if not then at least this site is free (so you have no choice but to read my nonsense #BWAHAHA! #PleaseDontLeave).

Anyway, Tinkering (otherwise known as- the thing Bill Cosby should have done a little less of).

As creatives we tend to play around with our writing style -on a reliably consistent basis. Some of us like to play with dialogue (in a feeble attempt to break the mold of our language), others play with structure (keeping the reader confused until the very end), and other still- enjoy playing with detail (or lack there of).

Don’t get me wrong – those are all admirable ways of developing a story (and my point was not to judge them at all) – my point is that we like to tinker with things – it’s in our nature, and shouldn’t be avoided.(Come on Antwan, pull this together!).

So, getting down to the reason that I’m bringing this up. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately, because of this -I’ve gotten into the habit of writing them down in extreme detail as soon as practicably possible (it’s especially fun when it happens its the middle of traffic). I’m usually not the kind of person that would do such a thing – but after my last stint of Writer’s Block, I’d decided that it’d be best to “strike while the irons hot” – so to speak.

Through this practice, I’ve come up with literally dozens of ideas for project ideas spanning from short stories, novels, poetry, (world domination via blogging), etc. As of late – while my well of inspiration goes through it’s biennial drought – I find myself digging into these -what I had once thought were- throwaway premises. Interestingly enough – though the fruit of imagination had yet to ripen- I discovered that the soil of creativity was wrought with seed (#Giggidty).

Not only have I found that this keeps the creative juices flowing – but it also gave me the opportunity to look back on some past conceptual failures, re-structure them, and develop them in a way that -at the time of their conception- was unclear, and sloppy.

To prove the validity of this practice, I give you The Jazz (click the link YOU FOOLS!). That story had literally been dwelling in the realm of my literary hell until just recently, and because I saved the concept – I was able to resurrect it (I’ve done the same with several other of my ideas – some of which- I will likely share with you here in the coming weeks).

So, to you I say- save your ideas, no matter how obscure or unimportant they may at first seem. Because when the day eventually comes (when the cup doesn’t exactly “runneth over“) – it’s good to have the bones of something that you can tinker with – at least until the muses return to slap you across the amygdala. Who knows, you may even salvage a diamond in the rough.

That’s it for today you keyboard junkies. I encourage you to check out my short story The Jazz (oldie but a goodie) – when you get the time, and I’ll see you next time with some more words in a language.

Tinker Tailor Writer Guy

(Do you see what I did there?)


Now Go Kick Monday in the Gonads,

-Antwan Crump.

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