King’s Speech

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, my psychopathically adherent Shakespearean surrogates (words are fun) -how goes your final week of 2016? (If all has mapped correctly – then you’ve been dreading the coming year like an S.T.D test, (please forgive my candor – I’m in a mood– but I still have some valid points to make)).

Kings Speech, (otherwise known as – the movie that everyone forgot about- but said they loved).

So, I’ve taken a few days off. It should have been the week, but I’m currently in a writer’s ketosis – therefore this post is necessary, (it was either this or drinking Tiger Blood #CharlieSheen #OldReference) – you should know -however, that it’s not without reason.

The end of a year is a call for many things: reflection, rumination, improvement, disimprovement (though, not exactly in that order), etc. With my concurrent feelings, I’ve realized something that should have been intensely obvious (that something is that)- Words have power!

*watches you roll your eyes*

Yes, of course, as a writer – I knew that. But this year has actually brought me some clarity on the matter. When you say something – it changes people- for better, or for worse. We all walk around saying things that could possibly build or destroy others – but we never really give respect for the fact that we have that power.

No, I was not recently hurt or anything like that. I’ve just been sort of awoken to the idea that my print and verbal expressions may have equal standing (I’ve long been under the assumption that people don’t hear me #Emo #YouFeltitToo). So, after being heard, ( #The Writer’s Block Podcast #20 (Eff’ X-Mas)) – I’ve come back to you with things to hear, (-or read – depending on your interpretation of the term).

We all have a voice, (don’t be a dick – I’m being metaphorical) – that voice is special, and though we may not believe so – it matters. Not only is our voice an important aspect of communication, but it is EVERYTHING about how the world sees us. Forget the “fake news”  fiasco (and by that point -the “real news” fiasco as well) – and focus on the one message that you can truly understand. That message is – your own.

We all have commanding presences, positive tone, straightforward thought, (itchy body parts), etc. And we can all learn to communicate that – whether that be through writing, podcasting, or whatever medium. My point is that we all have a –King’s Speech –we should understand our ability, and use it thusly.

No matter what you say – someone is listening. If you feel that your shouting into a void – trust me- SOMEONE IS LISTENING. Rather than dread over what we should say – rather, let’s focus on WHY it should be said- and understand, that WE ARE HEARD. It’s always meaningful to the ones who are listening.

So -as artists– let’s promise that in this upcoming year – we will say something important, coherent, (I’m aware that coherency is not my strong point), and life changing.

Not because we NEED to change things. Just because WE can (#Artistry).

Happy New Year,

(From One Artist to Another)

-Antwan Crump.

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