Endings 2: Screw Their Feelings

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Welcome back my labyrinth of literary laureates. As always, I hope that you’ve returned to me with open minds (and bags golden goose eggs). Assuming that you’ve read yesterday’s post Endings 1: The Audience , I’m sure that you have a ton of questions (no, they don’t – GET ON WITH IT!!). “Okay, okay, Geez”-

Endings, otherwise known as, (I swear, if you finish that sentence, I WILL DESTROY YOU!)

“Damn, my parentheticals are testy today aren’t they?”

We’ll pick up where we left off-

…Simply put, it’s imperative to remain keen on what your readers want. You can’t just pick up a ball and decide that you’re the next Michael Jordon, (especially if it’s the wrong kind of ball)- transcending, means that you have to have your literary feet firmly planted on the ground of where your given genre has evolved to, THEN -taking it farther. (Ha, Fart Her…#sorry.)

…On second thought,

2.) Screw Their Feelings – I’ve never been one to hold back on ideas – so I would never tell you to limit your imagination to suit the masses of the flock. Yes, it is important to “know where they’ve been, so that you understand where to go” – but, it is extremely possible that you have an idea of how to create something better – without necessarily having earned the right to.

To be a writer is a thing of passion. That passion is often born from the seed of a unique thought, by all means, write that thought down. What you must understand, is that sometimes the creativity that comes with an epiphany -far exceeds what we may currently be competently capable of creating (because it’s never existed). To that belief, I simply say Screw Their Feelings. 

Regardless of how the first iteration of your idea “comes off” to the reader, you have an infinite (or finite, depending on the side you choose in the Human V. Computer war) – amount of time to improve and restructure your original innovative thought. So, yea – I’m saying to break the mold, be random, be willing, use that “monkey cooking bacon” idea that I had in the last post (I’ve tried writing it – it doesn’t work); write down whatever it is that you think may “change the game”. But, do it with the knowledge that it will not be perfection. (#PobodysNerfect)

As I’ve said, the audience expects a lot from new writers, so to “break onto the scene”, with something unheard of – is akin to creating a language and telling no one that you’ve done so, (while attempting to communicate in that language)- simply put, in reality -successes like that are rare. Write it anyway. Like any language, the more it’s done, the more it’s used -the more it’s understood.

Don’t fret over the gamble of hitting the big-time with your –Vampire, with a time machine, on a boat, IN SPACE!- idea, instead – just write it, and see where it takes you. Remember, it doesn’t matter what the idea is, what matters is the differentiating train of thought that led you to uniqueness. Study that line of thinking, hone in on what makes it great, and make it better. (Our job is never done, remember?)

If you ever find that an idea isn’t working out -shelf it- BUT NEVER ABANDON IT (it loves you like fat kids love cake), you can always come back and draw inspiration from, well….what inspired you. So SCREW THEIR FEELINGS AND WRITE IT! Just make sure that you don’t stop there.

…And that brings us to,

3.) WRAP IT UP!- You’ve been telling this story for a reason, now it’s time for the big pay off. Never avoid this by adding some random third party or weird extraterrestrial element (unless your world allows for that kind of stuff). The thing that no one ever tells writers, is that – the ending is always the most difficult part- because it’s the only part of the story where rules must apply. The upside is, these are rules that you create- plan accordingly……


[Edit] Alright team, I’ve hit (way beyond) my quota for the day yet again, (Good God, MAN!!!!! How much did you fucking write?) -quite a lot actually. Thanks, to you Incredibles that returned for the continuation of my Endings series. For those of you -trying to figure out, what the hell is going on- I’ll explain below. The rest of you can skip the next line (or not, it’s pretty succinct).


Okay, we’re all caught up. Once again, thank you all for returning – and I hope that you come back for part three (of what I’ve now dubbed a saga), Endings 3: Wrap it Up! , tomorrow.


-Antwan Crump.

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