Let’s Be Crazy

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good Morning, And also welcome to the Thunderdome, (You’ll get that reference in a minute). So, this is going to be a very short post. I’ve decided that –as an artist- I need to walk away from something. That something is –Becoming Utopia

I’ve labored over it. I’ve conditioned it. I’ve re-read it hundreds of times (it’s driven me to near MADNESS!) But for the {insert LOUD expletive here} LIFE OF ME!!!!! – I can not continue MY STORY -until I release THIS STORY. 

So, with that. And with everything else, Here is #BecomingUtopia – First Draft, Uncut, (Pardon the errors) – But, it’s the bridge that I can offer -as I move forward. I hope that you LOVE it (I understand if you don’t). Once again (unedited) #BecomingUtopia.

Welcome to the Fire,

-Antwan Crump.

This post has been edited to include the “shit” you’re looking for. (#ClickTheLink).

*nervously shakes cup*

Likes (Dislikes), Comments, and Shares – are appreciated (The “BALLS” of this guy!!!???!!!)

Again, Enjoy!

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