Dear World

Please Kill Me,

So, I’m starting to see why those words are ironic. Maybe that’s what Strunk and White meant to say – #TheElementsof Style- (it’s funny – how that sounds like the title of a rap album). Let’s talk about it. I’ll preface this, by admitting -that I’m in a privileged position.

I told you guys earlier this week (yesterday), that I was taking a break- well, I’m not anymore. I wasn’t “burdened”, nor “cursed” – I was offered an opportunity to do the thing that I’ve been clawing my way to get to. The funny thing with people is that we often can’t accept – acceptance.

By that, of course, I mean that I’ve got #LifeHack, #BecomingUtopia, and now #MyTrendingStories -(new site: check it out -it’s awesome). I’ve been stressing this progress for 96 hours -now it’s time to purge my conscience of this burden. (I’m not bragging, I’m just informing.)

On to the point-

As artists, we come to these moments, (when we eventually face our goals) – (where we feel like frauds). “It can’t be me!”, “I haven’t earned this!”,  “I haven’t done this!” – but we have – and now it’s time to show and prove.

My absence was nothing more than the voices of those who haven’t – doing their job- at telling me that “{I}, can’t”  -but I did – beyond the bullshit.

As people, (all of us) -we tend to get to this weird roadblock of – “let’s make people happy”. What we don’t realize is -that we already do. (We’re just such perfectionists, that we feel that it all has to happen at the same time. ((it NEVER DOES!). We just have to be pure and accept our art – and the response to it.

I won’t hold back; because I can no longer cater to the fears of others, (neither should you). I can no longer fear for the same reason, (and for the same reason, “neither should you”). We’re here to fulfill a purpose. Purpose -is never easy – we go anyway. That’s what makes us different, (not better (( Though we are better) – but different. Sometimes, it’s good to feed into the narcissism. (Just contain it in public.)

I felt guilty for a success today, (in the wake of other’s loss) – and you know what? I shouldn’t have. I can control my nonsense – I can’t explain other’s similar faults. I’ve channeled my voice in a way that EVERYONE can – so did you! Don’t feel guilty for their lack of vision – it’s stagnating (and #Cosbying). Stay awake, be vigilant, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – keep that hope- it’s a rarity).

Do you want the only writing advice that you’ll ever need?

“DO NOT STOP” – relentlessness is the key. Open the fucking door!

I refuse to indulge in doubt, anymore. I suggest that you do the same. Positivity – is dead without action – so ACT. Fulfill your dreams, and spare us from the bitter aftermath of otherwise.

You don’t have to endorse it. Just promise me that you’ll think about it.

Boom Shaka Laka!

– Antwan Crump.

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