Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings my sedated sentients.  Once more we hit Thursday ,(otherwise known as getting to third base with the week) and soon we’ll have our 48-hour reprieve. Hey also to freak you out – it’s basically September now. Think about it, the next time you read me trash talking Thursday it will be the 25th – and the following one -Sept 1st. Fuckin’ freaky right? Anyway, let’s get to today’s post before you have a heart attack.

Binge, (one of the two words that connect junk food, porn, liquor, television, and various other things that are horrible for you. The other being Kardashian). Now what I’m up to surprisingly has nothing to do with any of those “only awesome when you’re drunk”, things. Nope, my binge is one of effervescent productivity.

Many of you are writers in waiting, so you probably knew what this post would be about the second you read the title. For those of you that haven’t quite hit this phase yet, allow me to explain.

Every few months ,(usually once a project is completed) you’ll find yourself a bit depleted. After a few weeks of “taking it easy” and aimlessly pondering the universe, you’ll find that the itch to begin another project has begun to take hold. It is this itch that brings us here. To the binge.

We’ll read literally everything we can get our hands on, enter every meaningless contest, blog our little literary hearts out, and generally seek out ,(and hunt down information like the rabid word-hounds we are.) Sorry, that was a little too passionate. But you get my point. What this does is prime our minds for the muse that we will soon attain.

The reason for gathering all of this information is simple (unless you’re a rookie – in which case I’ll explain). If you’ve ever met, seen, or spoken to , a writer in the midst of a work in progress -you’ll notice that they’re not the most stable people around. They may be twitchy, withdrawn, and isolated. The writer knows this, which is why they get the heavy lifting of research, out of the way first. Without it, the project stalls and the isolated period lingers.

The process of writing is literally just that. You sit in the chair and bleed (thank you for that one @SurvivedNarc). The binge cuts out the need to break concentration for research. This keeps the process smooth, the mind focused, and the writing fluid. (This is all generally speaking of course. Everyone has their own unique method.) But the binge is a necessary part of it all, in one way or another.

My point being -this will be my life for the next few weeks, or until I complete the task the muses have bestowed upon me. I’ll still be here of course (just let me know if I get a little too out there). Actually, I may just document what I do and how I do it. I mean what’s there  to lose? It’s not like it’s a cheat code or anything.

Disclaimer: I’ve been sort of hinting at it – but just to be clear : yes, the binge is a bit of a dip into the crazy pool. For me it’s a part of the process – by no means should you go all Heath Ledger, if that’s not what works for you.

So there we have it. It begins again. The Writer’s Block Podcast #6 tomorrow, and as always (at least for the second time) Recap on Saturday.

*puts on parachute* 


“Maximum Effort!”,

-Antwan Crump.


*jumps out of cargo plane*.


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