The Barrier

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings my vicious vocation-seeking vagrants. How goes your week thus far? In any case, let’s all just rejoice in the fact that it’s almost over, and soon we shall have time to indulge in the magic that is the weekend, (being drunk without repercussion. (Or I suppose church -even still enjoy your wine and crackers.)) So, without further insults to your ritualistic behavior-

The other day I posted something ,(you can find it here, for reference) that kind of made me feel like a douche. Not even my normal “Ha ha ha, at your complacency” kind of douche either. More so the kind of douche used the wrong way by sociopathic shit beetles. (I guess I could have just said that it “made me feel bad”. But damn it! It’s all about the pageantry).

To summarize (for those of you too “important” *cough*) , the post covered the necessity of staying on top of your craft and maintaining a steady progression in such -while balancing life’s other issues (that part I stand by). The thing that made me feel like a homeless person’s pubic hair, is that I kind of shat on those of you who felt the need to take some time away from “The Chair”, and actually enjoy your summer. ( If I had less of an ego, I’d apologize. )

By no means, was I endorsing workaholism. We are all people at the end of the day and need a break from time to time. Though I don’t necessarily abide by that, I get it. Anyway, I then proceeded to kind of half-assedly advise you on how to catch up to your peers (while taking the occasional jab at your perceived lack of commitment. #mybad).

Though, I don’t rescind any of my advice – I would be remiss not to acknowledge The Barrier. For those you unfamilar with the terminology – the barrier is essentially that little voice in your head that does it’s best to keep you from writing.

Because of the nature of our craft, we have the urge to constantly improve and expand (as a way of keeping up with the almost completely unstable nature of the business), now though no one should be “chasing the dragon of popularity” (so to speak) – it is important to keep up – even if only to prevent losing any accrued skill (that’s right kids -like any other athlete, you CAN lose it – if you don’t stay on top of it).

The barrier exists, simply as a subconscious precaution. As human beings, we instinctively have a need to socialize, procreate, then die. I know it’s a bit morbid – but if you really think about all of the progress that we’ve made as a species, you’ll understand that we have been fighting those obsolete instincts for centuries. The barrier is a lesser version of that battle.

That little voice wants to keep things as simple and concise as possible. That may work for some people, but as innovators (and especially as writers) it is imperative that we do our best not to allow that voice to deter us.

You’ll feel lethargic and distracted. It will attempt to make you think that you’re mind’s gone blank – it will discourage you. DO NOT LISTEN. Remember, I want you to write. Your followers want you to write. Most importantly, YOU want YOU to write. All the barrier wants is for you to “find a mate and procreate”. (I guarantee you some rapper steals that).

Push yourself to sit in that chair. Turn off the phone, log off of social media, (Rub one out, so that your not thinking about getting laid)  , and force yourself to sit there until something/ anything comes out. To get past The Barrier,  you need to jump-start your creativity. As you get back into the swing of things, that little voice will learn to shut the hell up.

Then you can do what I’m doing, and write about it. Good Luck!

Writer’s Block Podcast #4 tomorrow. As always you can find it on my site. I hope you all give it a listen and enjoy.

*hippy voice*

Breaking Through Stuff Man,

-Antwan Crump.

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