Gray Day

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Happy Thursday, (before/after – depending on your location) how are you my long-winded literary lushes? How’s the liver ( and I guess everything else. Where’s my tequila?)? Just for the record, I hope that none of you are turned off by the title (Don’t worry. It’s nothing sad or depressing #SorryDrakeFans), fear not – it’s basically a blanket statement to cover-up the following stream of babbling consciousness. #GangnumStyle.

Believe it, or not Uncle 12-step is actually in a pretty good mood. I got the night off of work, paid some bills, got some lovely feedback from my new short story – Cataclysm -(Give it a read or, *Jeff Dunham voice* ” I Kill You!). Seriously, though I think you’ll enjoy it.

As for everything else, I’m doing -what I assume all of you are doing- barreling down the wistful plains of the remainder of summer- hopelessly lost within my mind; in search of results embrace (Jesus Christ – take it down a notch, Shakespeare), sorry, *re-reads sentence* – as a matter of fact, I’m not. That was awesome!

So the reason for the title Gray Day is essentially a nod to life’s general neutrality. One of the things that I’ve realized – via creating people, studying psychosis, and societal norms (and also watching you through your window), is that the down times often go unappreciated.

Everyone is so enamored with the constant downward spiral of emotional drama and various angst – that sometimes we forget that life does give us these little gold moments, (where nothing’s going right…. But HOLY SHIT! Nothing’s going wrong either). Excuse me while I run screaming through the temperate streets, ” YAAA!!!!!”

*drop kicks the wind*

*hurts ankle*

*returns to keyboard*

Yea. Okay, that may not have been the best move. But I’m back anyway, and life is “Meh’….  Not to quote Palpatine but “Good. Good. Let the Grayness consume you”, (Star Wars joke. Try to keep up would ya’?), my point here is MORE “Meh”.

Alright, I’ll get off of my digital soapbox, and move on. (This really would have been much more exciting as a podcast.)

With that thought, and all of the other things going on – to keep Sir Sips-A- Lot nice and even-keeled ,(not too sober, not too drunk) –  I’m going to be bringing back the podcast (for the 1 of you that gave a damn- but it’s all good. To be honest, I needed time to get my crap together.), oh yes… THAT’S HAPPENING!

Why? Well, you’re just in time because I’m gonna tell ya’ ,(at the risk of this post having any valuable substance whatsoever). I’ve found that no man (or woman #SorryBeyonce’) , is a mountain of singularity. I know, I know – I’ve already got a bunch of other shit to do but hear me out.

You all know that focus is a terrible thing to waste. And just as such, you understand that to stimulate aforementioned focus- stimulation is needed. We may not all be this way currently – but (at some point) we’ve all been that person.

I’m simply allowing my mind to traverse into its’ various pockets of curiosity, in the hopes of expanding my views on the different aspects of my craft (did you grasp that?)

Okay, for the laymen – (I’m just tryna explore my talents bro, no fear – I know where I’ve built mi casa profesional ,(that’s not a typo – It’s Spanish. Read a book! ))

*Sidenote – And yes, I have evolved beyond accent marks. *

So, there we have it for now. Just staring at walls searching for answers. In reality, as creatives – it’s probably the only true peace we’ll ever know. (Okay, NOW – I’m bummed.) *plays Drake music* 

“YOU USED TO, YOU USED TO!” *single tear* 

And I’m better. Enjoy your Thursday guys. See you tomorrow for your weekend enema, (Or a blog post….. Most likely a blog post).

Embrace the Gray,

-Antwan Crump.



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