Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Arrives on the back of a golden eagle.*

Welcome, my long awaiting brethren of fate. How goes it? Before I continue -thank you for your patience (also the title of the post is not ironic. *Sheds tear*. It’s what I feel in my heart.)

Ahem, *clears throat*.

So anyway Presence , also known as -that thing god could do to quiet the atheists. #faithful #faithless #tobehonestIdontcare.

As artists not only is it imperative to be present in our work, but if you’re doing it properly- it’s unavoidable. Being a part of your work is not only what helps it to evolve, but makes it a unique thing – that only you could create.

Too many artists, (writers specifically) are afraid to break the mold of tradition and allow their own self-expression to participate in the creative process.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We’re all influenced by any one of a gazillion writers, and chances are that if your style differs from what has been critically deemed “proper writing” , it’s likely it’ll receive some – less than kind reviews.

(*Sidenote Fuck critics. Your job isn’t to please everyone, it’s to be the best writer you can be, while remaining respectful to the craft.)

Don’t make the mistake of being bogged down by someone else’s literary style, or deterred by some morally corrupt (and likely octogenarian) critic. (They’ll be in the ground soon enough. #penmightierthanthesword).

Stay true to your own voice, and let it find you’re presence, and attract your audience.

Outside of constant self promotion -the job of attracting readers is out of your hands. Which is why it’s important not to get caught up in another authors’ style – truth be told it also hinders you’re ability to judge and mentally defend your own writing /art – and that’s an additional hate spiral, that we just don’t need.

So do yourself a favor, find a writer that you admire outside of your given genre and let them inspire you. Translate that influence into something that you can make useful, unique, and most importantly your own.

Soon enough you will see your own literary voice blossoming. (And soon after that you’ll look down on the Hemingway, Shakespeare, and King, imitators.) With that, you’ll become properly present in your own work- and a force to be reckoned with.

Allow yourself the leeway to make mistakes and to take chances. Keep in mind that the only people who get it right, got it wrong A LOT more – but they were ALWAYS in their own shoes (except Poe – that guy was a freak).

That’s it for now kiddies, see you tomorrow, to discuss time travelling to the present.

“Whoa! I did it!!”,

-Antwan Crump.

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