“Levels” – (Speaking On Our Generation).

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Hola, (ended the last one Espanol, why not start this the same? #breakthecycle). I joke a lot but I need to say something – cynics; scroll past the next paragraph. This isn’t a debate.

For the record – since I should speak on it – I give my sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the Orlando massacre. Terrorism is wrong. Period. It’s not god,it’s not bible (nor Quran ((#calmdownfanatics)) , it’s not truth, it’s not freedom -it’s none of that. Fuck the form you translate your sermon into – it should NEVER end in death. If you’ve actually read it , you’d know that it begins and ends -with LIFE (and this is ME speaking on it). If you’re that faithful – just kill yourself- and trust god to smote who he/she sees fit. You’re human too -you’ve no right to judge, nor execute. People are miserable because of you -that’s not Allah either. You should be ashamed. You will burn – hell, or otherwise.

Ahem, (sorry that was out of character- but this mass killing shit really needs to stop).

So, Levels – (Sorry. Rough segway.) There are none. Get over it, whatever place you thought you were. This literary world is a constant competition. Think of it, like you would any other professional sport – every few months we start over.

It’s not about “who did what” nor “how big”. It’s about who constantly delivers. Why else do you think social media took off the way it did?

You see, we millennials have been burdened with the difficult task of redefining normality (also why political correctness ((in America anyway)) has been going out of control). It’s basically a combination of the old people trying to retain their lessons , while simultaneously conceding to their own irrelevance. And that’s fine. Trust me it is. Just let them live it and then they die- with their fucked up morals.

The issue occurs when some of us (Looking at you, non-progressive conservatives under 30) try to twist the purpose of life – into a singular agenda. (I know Levels- Don’t worry, I’m getting there). We need a hub for reasonability;

*Take a Breath.* 

Racism – exists. Sexism – exists. Genderism (not a word yet “But I’ve coined it – patent pending!”) -exists. Let’s not hate it, let’s talk about it – as adults. Isn’t that what we are?

We’re not acting like it. This is not the “Roaring 20’s” nor is it the (“Hippy Renaissance” of), the 70’s.

This is the first generation of intellectuals – why aren’t we taking advantage of that? Aren’t we past racism? Haven’t the “minorities” , combined to hate other  – “minorities”? Who’s hypocrisy are we even living anymore? What are we?

We’ve got the tools for peace – why are we harnessing hate?

Yea, sure Caitlyn Jenner creeps me out- but I’d still hold the door for her.

Am I wrong for asking these questions? Should I just pick up a spear/rifle, and throw it? WHAT LIVES MATTER?

When did we lose humanity? Has elitism spread to gender preferences now? Damn. What individuals do, is their business, (if they were forcing you to fuck em’- that’s another issue. But they just want to exist -as HUMAN BEINGS. Like WE ALL DO!

How can you have an issue with something that you don’t actually care about, (#spaceprogram)?

Levels. I had a whole other thing in mind, but fuck it. Levels in Life?  You’re insane. people are free. Whether you like it or not. It’s not a debate, it’s what it is. Welcome to 2016. If you want to go backwards – go and get Polio.

There shouldn’t be levels for existence. Move past it,

-Antwan Crump.

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