*Disclaimer: This post pertains to a particular narcissistic type of hope and not hope as a whole. Read and interpret as such. Content also contains strong language. NSFW.

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy –Wish-you didn’t-do- that -yester- Day! Well at least you made it back, and as always your presence causes a warm indifference within my nuts. (Sorry still hungover – LOVE YOU!!!!). Anyway,

Hope – the world’s favorite fictional character -behind Santa Clause (did I ruin that for anyone?) We all know the stories. The inspirational hodge podge. The triumph over adversity. The faithful fulfillment. Yada freakin’ yada. Hey look, before you think I’m being cynical- just know that I’m not. Hear me out. This is important info for everything. (Don’t worry, I’m not doing any “bashing”, just putting reality on the stand to testify).

In my experience, hope tends to play out- much like anticipation. It’s amazing as you wait. You fantasize about how freed and happy you’ll be. It may even change your mood. The difference is, with anticipation – something may actually happen.

There’s this quote in the bible (I’m not a bible thumper, but to be fair – it did nail a few life lessons.) “Faith without works is dead.”  Replace faith with hope, and BANG! Even god says I’m right.

It’s good to be optimistic. Hell, I encourage it. But if your idea of action is to sit around just talking about what it is you want to do, in hopes that someone will recruit you, or somehow shepherd you into the right direction -you are WILDLY mistaken.

In the first place, you’re not honing a skill (even if you have one), you’re letting it waste away by dumbfoundedly staring at the clouds “waiting for a sign”). Here’s your sign, you’re freakin’ alive.

Somehow, in an ever-expanding cosmos, of asteroids and explosions – your sentience was placed -on the one planet (for BILLIONS OF MILES) capable of sustaining life, and then against all odds, your parents met at a time when throwing babies off a cliff wasn’t cool (#300), and raised you. YOU! Who are now sitting on a couch “waiting for a sign”.

Warning Parental Advisory Fuck YOU !!! You non-contributing pompous ASSHOLE CUNT!!! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!!!!!

Okay, I’m good. I apologize, but that needed doing. Let me throw a few spaces in here so you can get those curses off of your screen. One sec,




Cool? Cool.

Anyway, hope is fine if your putting in the work to have it. But if you feel like someone is going to be sent to come and save you from your life of lazy mediocrity, you’re better served, just finding something that you’ll actually do – instead of wasting your life on a couch.

And if you don’t believe me, consider this one fact – I Don’t Care.

A home was never built by people hoping for a roof. They built it. Why would life (which is vastly more complex) be any simpler? Why would you want it to be?

Food for Thought,

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. – The disclaimer wasn’t my idea.

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