Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Happy Hump Day my congregation of medically diagnosable psychopaths. (Yea my greetings are getting more intricate. Eventually I’ll return to standard insults).

As I told you guys before, I’ve jumped right back into the creative void , with very little break time between projects (because let’s be honest, I’m single, in my mid 20’s, with no kids. If there was ever a time to completely lose myself in my obsession- it’s now.)

With that said, it became obvious to me that some adequate structure and plotting may be necessary (especially moving forward. I think the tortoise and the hare folklore applies. I don’t know, you make the connection. I’m busy).

Ergo, the day was spent organizing my projects, figuring out various distribution models, promotion, and release order. (You’re not wrong, it does feel soul sucking. But it is necessary. So *drinks the soylent green* -google it- a gross but effective metaphor).

Believe it or not, pretty simple process. Most of the time was spent studying the climate. Obviously (in the states anyway) politically engaged works are in demand. (Oh god! Someone’s gonna write an Edward V. Jacob presidential election book….😠 . Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Placing the state of popular literature against the relatively consistent trends of readers, I was able to assume (what I think is) a pretty logical course of action (though I may throw a “Hail Mary” or two in there because you never know what’s going to hit.)

Spoiler alert: That Twilight presidential election book, may be my doing….Sorry. (Still though, what better hands could it be in?) #fakecocky.

Obviously, none of this happens until after Becoming Utopia. But as creatives, I’m sure you understand that (as far as the marketing aspect is concerned) consistency is Lord and Ewah, #avatarfunny. The only way to stay consistent is by staying ahead of the game.

Looping back to the title (and the point of this post) , as far as the whole “getting out there” of it all- it becomes necessary to master more than just your central craft. We have to be (or working toward becoming) masters of all trades. In all honesty though, isn’t that why we do it?

The “real” world simply doesn’t offer the challenge and stimulation that we need. For the laymen, the bar is set to damn low -so we must transcend expectation and aim for the unbound- we become our own standard. And speaking from the heart – I genuinely believe that transcending is not only a necessity for an artist (of any field) but a defining trait.

So hold your head high, and shatter everything in sight. Always appreciate those who make you their bar, but never allow that to create complacency. We’re here to be the ongoing.

Enjoy the ride,

-Antwan Crump.

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