Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Happy Sunday my atheistic (and also not so much) platoon – of the artistically frustrated.

Now, I normally don’t post on Sundays. For whatever reason, it’s been deemed the “Day of quiet meditation.” (#Netflixandchill). I usually take advantage and subside; but today I’m in the mood so, this is happening.

Solitude – the thing that most of your family misreads as a drug addiction. Yes, it’s that necessary urge to be away from people. Just a heads up, the pertinence of this post may vary, so I’ll get the advice part of it out of the way now. Simply put, give in.

The solitude calls to you, for no other reason than it needs to protect itself. That desire for separation, is not loneliness, nor is it a cry for help; but a critical part of your artistry.

Think of it like this, your vision has been defined, and though you may not understand the language, subconsciously you know it. That thought will protect itself by any means necessary (including separating itself from the fuck-tards) because it knows that it’s important.

As I sit in my (admitedlly self proclaimed) bat-cave – I can see things clearly. Clearly enough that I know, some of you need to hear this – thus I share.

Don’t view your need for distance as a problem, it’s a blessing in elaborate disguise. This place that I am in, (and I’m certain you all have your counterpart spaces) is my Utopia. I can be free here. Live life here. express here. Worry-free of the narcissists and cynics of the world – and just create, purely for the love of it.

We need that. In reality I think that everyone does -though they may not be able to access the productive burden that loudly calls to us. That space (should you be lucky enough to have it) helps us to develop as intellectuals in our craft, and into all around better people.

Those who don’t occasionally drift from the pack, are doomed to repeat it’s leaders mistakes. They may take pride in that, but you know (as I do) that their strategy has long since been put out to pasture, and lays molden in it’s own uselessness.

Have your space, and for the love of fucking Christ, enjoy it. It may be the final bastion of freedom that you enables you to stay on point and focused.

Your solitude is your niche. Your area to provide for you, as givers -naturally- very few places provide that, so cherish it. People may say that your weird, or that you don’t understand how society works; but the truth will remain (as it exists now) that you get the big picture, more than any of them. That’s enough cause for temporary separation, all you require as a doer, is the courage to embrace it.

Love your individuality, irrelevant problems will fade. What will not fade is your voice, and the fact is – It’s not your voice, if it’s diluted by those who refuse to listen, but insist on instructing. Protect your solitude. Be your solitude.

Shhh. I’m working,

-Antwan Crump.


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