Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Welcome back, my fellow dewey-eyed degenerates (that’s how I treat people who try to get close to me). I trust that you are all in proper form and ready for some learnin’ from Uncle “Vodka-Breath”.

So Change, that thing you do when options have failed you. It’s never been a popular solution, however at certain points it can be the most promising course of action. Change allows for growth, experience, and best of all getting the hell out of complacency’s bitchy path.

I ( and I assume everyone else) rather enjoy change. It breaks they monotony of life – and alot of times- can give you the jolt you need to get through the day. What happens when that change is severe you ask (you didn’t) and not simply an  appropo, of your life; but a major shift in/to it?

Life suggests, failure. Spoiler Alert : life ALWAYS suggests failure. For those who don’t know, that isn’t necessarily life, rather your own inner asshole ( your other inner asshole), luring you into the cowards corner. It’s not your fault, the human brain is wired to avoid the unknown.

Assuming we ignore that voice, we get another. With fear dissolved, and hope a plenty, despite our boring lives; we get the call for change.

It could be a shitty job, a bad relationship, crappy apartment, dumpy-truck friends (real butt related post BTW. Ha ha …. Butt) there is always something that triggers it.

Regardless of the catalyst, that call for difference, is a voice you ought not ignore.

Admittedly, altering your course of action can be terrifying. A simple way to gage if it’s time for change, is weighing that fear against the thought of you continuing, what’s so clearly not working. The jump seems a little easier now right?

Just to be clear, I’m not saying to ignore your responsibilities, (we’ve all got bills and crap like that) but it may be wise to start working on an appropriate escape route (put the flamethrower down).

In my personal experience, change began calling me when I noticed, that not only had life been passing me by, but I had begun to forget how to live. My life outside of work was pathetic. I tried my best to circumvent the clutches of reality -often pushing it away with liquor and various Netflix binges- distractions all.

At some point though, you can’t out run what’s so clearly parading in your face and clarity takes hold. Scary enough, once you open that door, you can’t close it.

So the option reveals itself. A.) Stay put and continue trying to drown out your own misery or B.) Take a leap of faith, and change.

It’s never easy, and it shouldn’t be (there are no rewards from simple choices) but in the end it’s your only life. Better to spend it searching for happiness, than to cower pitifully within a hell of your own making. Just this writer’s humble opinion.

To infinity, and beyond,

-Antwan Crump.

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