Patton Oswalt

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Okay. So I’m going to try and contain my genuine excitement, (HOLY SHIT PATTON OSWALT JUST RELEASED A NEW SPECIAL ON NETFLIX, CALLED TALKING FOR CLAPPING!!!!!!) yea totally contained. Seriously though, WATCH THIS.

I may need to disclaim some of my mood by stating that “I am not a fanboy”, (I’M TOTALLY FANBOYING IT UP RIGHT NOW!!!!! #NoRegrets.) but this man, this COMEDIAN, may be one of THE GREATEST THAT HAS EVER TOUCHED THIS PLANET!!!!!!

Alright *takes deep breath* I’m good. Just saying that with all the shit going on in the world – this is what we NEEDED!. A master comic #analyst , doing masterful ANALYST SHIT!!! (I’ll be honest for a sec and admit that his comedy helped me through some hard times, but that ALL pales IN COMPARISON TO HIS AWESOMENESS. Also , HA HA, ANAL) Though I still feel valid.

This MAN (WEREWOLVES AND LOLLIPOPS,  FINEST HOUR,  MY WEAKNESS IS STRONG, of course 222 ((Both sides. Which I actually used as titles for “Alicia’s Gallery.” ))) assisted in shifting my thinking from fear, to the abstract. By proving that “difference  is key” he  aided me  in becoming the hopeful, pretentious dick that I am today. (He may not be proud of that.)

Drink a beer. Watch Star Wars (4-7, obviously). See a powerfully vengful magician. Move in with Brian Posehn (ALSO AWESOME!!!). Watch his special, you may learn something. #bucketlist

Patton Oswalt – Talking For Clapping    #PattonOswalt

Hilariously Yours,

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. – Yea, I’ll blog later, #TalkingForClapping . 5/5 stars. Just for showing up, thanks Patton.

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