Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, you human batteries firmly planted in to the machine of society. As always and forever I hope all of your spines are intact and you are ripe with seed (sorry, binge watching Game of Thrones).

Anyway today’s topic is reality. Much like any drug (harder than Mary Jane) I don’t often partake. No I don’t mean that I walk outside and see Disney animation and anthropomorphic bugs. I’m talking strictly about the nurtured reality -specifically the “you can’t”ers.

Now I often admit to being a cynic. And don’t get me wrong, if you say that you can fly to the moon with nothing more than your arms, a wish, and an ass full of blueberries (for some reason); I will tell you that you’re full of shit. But in the case of tangibility, it is no one’s place, other than the one doing it, to set limits.

You see them all the time in bars, at work, on the street, in bars again. Those people that virtually live to rain on your parade, aspiratory or otherwise. Those people (for lack of care for better words) suck donkey balls.

I’ve said that to alot of artists I’ve met (authors and otherwise) who complain about their dissenters. Most get it, some don’t. For those who don’t, I found it’s best to diagnose the issue for them.

*AHEM* PEOPLE FUCKING SUCK. Okay, not all people, but hear me out. Everyone whose ever tried to do anything, (literally) anything has had their share of negative criticism.

Those critics are not entirely as pessimistic as you may think. In fact alot of them believe their doing you a favor by telling you that somethings impossible.

This is simply because on the road to whatever dream they once had, they were stopped. It may have been fear, a failure, an obstacle, or whatever “overwhelming” thing. Point is that they could not overcome it and their loss of faith permeates through their existence, hoping to feed on you for dessert.

These people are the self proclaimed “realists”. Think of it like this. You ever hear the phrase “those who can’t do, teach”. It’s essentially the same thing only with a radically different response. Those “realists”were defeated and (opposite of a teacher) decided that any goal beyond immediate reach is pointless and fantasy. Don’t blame them completely though, the human brain is wired to justify submission.

So to my point, their reality is exactly that, THEIRS. Don’t allow them to enforce their internal law on you. They’ve made their choice and regret it, so obviously seeing someone defy what they hold true is bound to cause some friction.

Power through (and if you can, cut them off. Doubt is infectious), soon enough they will either have to accept that they were wrong, or deem you a God of some sort. Doesn’t really matter which, you still come out on top (and more than likely, they’ll end up asking you for favors and/or advice. *whispers*  “Pssst… don’t do it.”)

Create your own reality. Build your own walls. Define your ceiling ( or don’t have one, even better). The construction of reality outside of your own is designed to absorb and limit you. It even has little minions (unbeknownst to them; of course) whose sole purpose is to annihilate your dreams (and hire you, with horrible benefits).

Be the exception, rise above, go the distance, fourth motivational statement. For those with a low self esteem, think of it this way YOU’RE BASICALLY NEO. (From the Matrix. Anyone? No?) Okay, YOU’RE BASICALLY BATMAN (circa Chris Nolan, obviously). So go out there and OWN THIS SHIT!

From the caves of the underground,

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. – My novel (Becoming Utopia) comes out soon.[*hypnotist voice* “Buy it. You want to buuuyyyy iiiitttt.”] But more on that later.

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