The Writer’s Block Podcast #2 – (Enjoy The Static)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Okay,  so I’m still alive (bummer), however with that fact there is another podcast ( I know, I know, there are several groans), however they are a part of the process and I do promise they will get better. DESPITE THAT SHOW OF HUMILITY , THE LATEST ONE IS PRETTY AWESOME SO CHECK IT OUT {The Writer’s Block Podcast #2 – (Enjoy the Static) .

And yea, not much else other than the continuing stream of alcohol and bad decisions, how was your weekend? Mine was dog shit, wrapped in expired tortillas, that’s called Monday. I don’t mean to bitch, I just rarely get to so I’ll cut it short. Before that there’s this The Writer’s Block Podcast #2 (Enjoy The Static) , again. And the goodbye,


#RememberSusanBoyle? ,

– Antwan Crump

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