Dear World

Please Kill Me,

What’s new all you author’s of your own fate (and the few in charge of others). Since the week is coming to a close, with another on the way, it seems a fitting time to talk about deadlines. Any of you on a mission that doesn’t end with a noose, rooftop, or overdose, likely have plans for your future, at the very least for your week.

Deadlines are an all too annoying fact of life, generally essential to getting anything done. From the short term to the long term it’s an unavoidable trite, (so rip that band-aid off now). Failure to meet them tends to end in one of two ways. Either (A) someone is pissed off at you, there for you’re scrambling to amend what you should of gotten done. Then there’s (B), where you’ve only failed yourself and have added another day to the long haul of them, in which you’ve remained stagnant, and are thinking about that rooftop I mentioned.

I suppose there is also a third option, we’ll add it just to cover the bases. (C) You choose to play the asshole card ergo forfeiting any care of progress (Or lack there of) . This option is cool I guess, but there is only so much Netflix, liquor, and drugs, that anyone can handle before, (you guessed it) you’re back on that rooftop. For the sake of assumption that none of us want to die at a time where it’ll be a footnote to Donald Trump, let’s shelf that option.

Personally I hate deadlines. I have always been the type to “fly on my own wind” so- to speak. Unfortunately it was in doing this that I eventually lost sight of my direction, and subsequently my ambition (that’s right kids Uncle Ding Dong has thought about that rooftop too.) Waking up with nothing to look forward to, for months on end is no way to live, and absolutely no way to progress. (I won’t preach, not a fan of the whole drinking blood thing.) Do you though. Point being, I realized I needed more than goals, I needed a set time frame, for lack of better words, to make it real.

It’s worth noting that the way the human mind is wired, we need constant (learned *that’s important*) cues to motivate us. In essence we are nothing more than biological machines, with various belief systems and agreed upon morals. ( Okay big thought, just ignore it). My point is that without deadlines, providing us with a constant kick in the sack, everything we do feels inconsequential. That destroys our sense of urgency. Eventually we do lose ourselves in the ether of not mattering.(think Andy Dick).

You may look at religious fanatics, extreme leftist or right-wing affiliates, people really into yoga, (Though thank you yoga for the leggings fad. Talk about getting me off the roof *Whew* sights’ never been so awesome.) but the truth is, these are people that just need something to care about (focus on).

As a society that embraces the idea of finality, everyone has been conditioned to constantly set new goals for themselves, or follow someone who’ll set goals for them.

I don’t look down on them for it, they just need something to follow, and aren’t as narcissistic as some of us are. If that’s what they do with there time “Awesome- lama- lakem.”

The deal with them however is they have attributed worth to themselves. Granted it’s seeded by a group of *coughs* beliefs, but the response to the conditioning remains. Everyone needs parameters and a sense of meaning and control. For the non Manson family it is independent self governing #deadlines.

For those of us not sipping the Kool-aid however, we need more than goals, we need a strict (or at the very least somewhat strongly defined) game plan. You can always tell who doesn’t have one. They’re the (insert dream profession here) that has been working on the same dream for years albeit doing so via drinking beer, eating chips, and watching television. Fun people/sad-lives (Probably a good time to take back the phrase The Inbetweeners), obvious to say there’s never any real accomplishment here.

So there, we’ve established the importance of deadlines, and I guess I should tell you why I’m going a bit Gary Busey about it. I love to write (as he jerks himself slowly) , maybe not that much, but close. The problem with things you love, is that they can get repetitive. To combat that problem, and the inevitable boredom that would ensue, I set kind of a battle plan for myself.

I have to confess that I am a little weird in how I plan my goals, so by all means imitate at your own discretion. This plan consists primarily of things that I can only achieve if I SERIOUSLY buckle the hell down and get them done. Without incredible focus, and 100% dedication, I probably won’t succeed. This is good though. Worst case scenario, I start over and try again (only now with a vault full of material) or I succeed and up the ante. A cynical round-about, I know but as I said this is what will keep me going through every success and failure, big and small, acting as armor and my trophy.

For those of you curious about my plan I’ll probably post it up here on a graph or something one day. It’s a little out there, besides I’m subject Uno, I would hate to suggest something that I’m not sure works yet. I do have a good feeling about it though, and progress is becoming my mantra. (Probably should work on being this productive, without looking like I’ve been living among the wolves though) Ehh, (*Shrugs) casualty of the craft, I’ll work on it.

Until I own the Bunny Ranch and 4 midgets that call me Poppa Smurf,

Antwan Crump.


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