*A resounding sigh of relief as he approaches the podium*

Dear World

Please kill me,


Hello again children of Adam. Today’s curriculum consists of more barely sober ramblings from uncle flip flop. So recently I’ve written a shorstory that seems to be doing pretty well, is the post before this for the curious in the bunch. That combined with several other recent literary endeavors has given me a touch of luck and some much appreciated exposure, apparently I’m pretty talented, don’t worry boys and girls I’m still pretty God damned miserable, however for good reason, fates treacherous hand has burdened me with good news, of which I am not particularly equipped to handle. *self diagnosis Cynical Prick*

Anywho that’s not ding dongs point (or flip flop use where appropriate). Aforementioned good news has given me a bit of momentum as far as this whole writing thing goes. That being said I find myself faced with an option (those of you happy with yourselves will find this confusing, but than again I don’t do this for you, so go F#*k yourselves, just kidding, not really) . I could either keep going, ergo deleting any possibility of pursuing my current path of worry and socially obligatory participation, a hell of its own making however safe and predictable, or stop ergo again, embracing sed hell.

Momentum is key, but to what door. I’m cozy in my life, it’s easy but my freaking mind keeps putting it’s fucking foot down, making stagnancy unbearable. Maybe it’s how I was raised, enough never is, so I trudge forward seeking solid ground. Momentum. Possibly a punishment for the would be wicked.

Sorry I got a little biblical, but my thoughts are scattered so FUCK it this makes sense. All the liquor in the world won’t help so now I retreat to writing.

To my knowledge when you have momentum (the bastard seed of progress) your unofficially signed up for a long haul of expectation. As such you may begin to go a little bat shit, especially if your trying to balance that side of you with your 9-5 work self. Try not to. Just roll with it, besides bad news is just around the corner, so you have that to look forward to.

It’s ugly business trying to get a leg up in this world, take it in stride, get a little ugly yourself, use that momentum to back up your already ( probably) super inflated ego and view of self. Momentum is a call to action, much needed validation, and a fucking trite if you let it be.

Be you, be crazy, just don’t lose yourself in it, like I currently am.


Ignoring my own sanity,

Antwan Crump.

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